Learn how to tie a bow tie today!

Tired of sporting a clip-on tie to your formal occasions?

Want to rock a bowtie in your everyday wardrobe?

Today is the day that you learn how to tie a bow tie!

Need more help tying a bow tie?

We recommend re-watching the video several times and pausing it after each step so that you can do the steps along with the video. You can also check out the infographic below for even more instruction on how to tie a bow tie.

How to tie a bow tie

Now Do You Know How To Tie A Bow Tie?

Now that you have watched the video just remember that learning how to tie a bowtie can be difficult at first but practice makes perfect. You’ll get it and be the best dressed man at your next event. Every man should know how to tie a bow tie. It shows maturity and skill. Toss out those clip-on ties and master the art of tying a bow tie!

Bow Tie Style

Don’t be afraid to mix up your wardrobe to incorporate some unique bow ties into your everyday look. Bowties can be found in many colors, fabrics, and styles. They are no longer just for formal occasions but can be worn with jeans and sneakers or perhaps with a v-neck sweater and dress shoes. Both are popular looks in mens fashion. Take a look at our Celebrity Bow Tie Style page and be inspired by the looks of your favorite celebs! Also be sure to follow the special care instructions, so you can ensure that they will last a lifetime. A bow tie can be the perfect accessory to make you stand out of the crowd! So make sure you learn how to tie a bow tie today so that you can rock your bow tie everyday!